Kids Program

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu…

IMG_2789Through our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, kids will have their mind, body and spirit challenged. Though our classes are definitely open to kids of all faiths and beliefs, we have a biblical foundation for what we teach and our kids and teens will develop not only the physical skills of jiu jitsu, but also life and social skills from a biblical perspective. Classes consist of physical exercises, self defense techniques, educational games, and biblical encouragement that will increase: self-esteem, personal achievement, courage, confidence, discipline, respect, awareness, academic achievement, health and much more!… To progress and succeed in our program, we teach kids to be A.C.E. students!… “A” stands for attendance, “C” stands for Character, and “E” stands for effort! Our kids program is for students ages 4-13.

Self Defense/Bully Proof Program



Bullying is persistent unwelcome behavior from one to another. It involves verbal and physical abuse, exclusion, isolation, being singled out, being treated differently, being shouted at, being humiliated, and much more. Who is affected? Every month in USA, 3 million children (age 5 to 13 yrs.) miss school because of bullies.


At Trinity, we use the Gracie Bully Proof Program and interweave curriculum in our

What can Brazilian Jiu Jitsu do for you and your family? Our goal is teach strong foundation of self confidence to your kids, allowing them to overcome bullies without violence. Non violent self defense techniques that uses leverage and basic control holds are taught to neutralize threats, without having to resort to PUNCHING and KICKING!

Recreational/ Sports BJJ


Here is a list of some benefits your child will receive just by being a part of our youth martial arts program:

–> Confidence

–> Self Esteem

–> Discipline

–> Personal Development

–> Life Skills

–> Academic Success

–> Focus and Concetration

–> Mindset

–> Teamwork Skills

–> Mental and Motor Skills

–> Mental Toughness

–> Leadership Skills

–> Anger Management

–> Social Skills

–> Self Control

–> Balance

–> Fitness

–> Agility

–> Courage

–> Eye Contact

… and much more


Competition Team 


Trinity Jiu Jitsu encourages students who want to compete to inquire to join our A-Force competition team. Since we are an official affiliate of Andre Monteiro’s A-Force Association, when we compete, we will sign up under team A-Force.  Some students may not be able to join the competition team right away if they are new students.

On occasion, we might run extra classes for this and ensure that your children will have fun in our competition classes and go with us to local and nationwide tournaments.

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