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Andre “Tim” Monteiro – Head Association Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt


ANDRE is from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He began training jiu-jitsu in 1992, when New Generation Academy was created. He was part of the first group children to train there. Within a short amount of time, he began competing in tournaments.
In 1999, he received his purple belt and became the children’s group instructor. During this period of time, the Gama Filho University began sponsoring him. They also gave him a yearlong full tuition scholarship to study. A year later, the Gama Filho University created a social program to aid poor children in Rio. Andre participated in this program by coordinating and teaching jiu-jitsu and judo lessons to deprived children in the poorest areas of Rio de Janeiro.
Andre received his black belt in 2003 and began giving seminars in different academies and institutions throughout Brazil, Europe and the United States.
During his years practicing jiu-jitsu, he has always competed in the most highly regarded competitions. He has had great victories and defeats, which have helped outline his shining career. ​
Andre currently owns the Carlson Gracie Texas and Champion’s Factory – NG in San Antonio Texas, and is also a physical therapist and a doctor of osteopathy.
A few recent accomplishments:
2X Rio de Janeiro State Champion
2X Brazilian National Champion
2X Pan American Medalist
4X Super-Fight Champion
American National Silver Medal – Absolute Black Belt
Pam Ams 2011 Silver Medal
Pam Ams Nogi 2011 Champion
Miami Open International 2012 Champion and Silver Medal on the Absolute Black Belt division.

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